Iker Casillas, without holding back, sends a message to Pique: Totally childish idiot

  • February 18, 2023

Iker Casillas had no problem defining Gerard Pique as a “total idiot and an asshole” in response to a direct question from Spanish influencer Ibai Llanos.

Ibai uploaded a screenshot of a conversation with the former Real Madrid goalkeeper to his Twitter account. Llanos wrote to Casillas about his opinion of the former Barcelona defender.

Iker what do you think of Pique, don’t you think he’s a bit of an asshole? Be honest.”

And the response was, “Totally childish and an asshole.”

So far Pique has not commented on the insults he received from Casillas. There are rumors from some users who say that this may be a publicity stunt, as the ex-footballers have never been known to have problems.

They also recalled that each of Ibai, Pique and Casillas are partners in the Kings League.

What is the Kings League?

Founded by former Barcelona and Spanish national team defender Pique, along with Llanos, Spain’s most famous online streamer, the Kings League is a seven-a-side soccer competition that in its current season started on January 1, 2023 and consists of 12 teams.

The teams are presided over by the likes of Manchester City record goalscorer Sergio Aguero and Real Madrid goalkeeping legend Casillas and include young local players and several retired Spanish league professionals.

The concept is undoubtedly a winning formula. It has attracted a significant online audience, with matchday viewing figures exceeding one million viewers on Twitch, TikTok and YouTube.

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