Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s 20-years later on-screen reunion in Unstoppable


Last year, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon‘s long-standing friendship culminated in the establishment of their own production company, Artists Equity. Their first film, “Air”, which is directed by Affleck and stars both Damon and himself, tells the story of the birth of the iconic Nike Air Jordan sneakers, with basketball player Michael Jordan as the sponsor.

While the release of “Air” is still a few weeks away, Artists Equity is already gearing up for their next project, and this time, Affleck will be collaborating with his current partner, Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez’s cute video with Ben Affleck

Their latest project, “Unstoppable”, is a sports drama produced by Affleck, which focuses on the real-life story of Anthony Robles, an athlete born with only one leg who still managed to win the national championship at Arizona State University. Lopez is set to star in the film, making it their first official collaboration since their marriage in 2022.

In an interview with Deadline, Affleck revealed that Lopez was very involved in the development of “Air”, saying: “I started writing with Matt, and Jen also gave me some great lines. She knows a lot about how fashion evolves through culture. She helped me explain that part of the reason why Jordan sneakers were so significant is that in the United States, culture and style are 90% driven by black culture.”

Affleck continued: “Historically, black culture has pioneered music, dance, fashion, and then it has been stolen, appropriated, commercialized like Elvis or whatever. In this case, Nike, a corporation run by white people, began doing business with African American athletes to draw from their identity. They were really drawing value from what Michael Jordan represents and who he is.” It seems that Air will touch on these issues.

Jenny and Ben are collaborating together for the first time in decades

As for “Unstoppable”, it marks a significant moment for Affleck and Lopez, who haven’t worked together at this level since their 2003 film, Gigli. While the couple’s first collaboration was not well-received by critics, it was still a beneficial experience for them. Affleck is looking forward to working with Lopez again: “I think she’s terrific. I think she’s a great actor. It’s always exciting to work with her.”

“Unstoppable” is directed by William Goldenberg, another partner of Affleck’s, who makes his directorial debut after editing several of Affleck’s films, including Argo and Live by Night. There is no official release date for Unstoppable yet, but fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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