MLB News: Japan defeats Mexico in epic showdown: fans were the real winners, haters kept quiet


World Baseball Classic Mexico had a great game against Japan in the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic

The Mexican Baseball Team played a great game and dominated Japan most of the game, however, their relief pitching fell apart and they ended losing in a dramatic 5-6 loss to Japan in the closing of the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Japan wins with a walkoff home run

Mexico was ahead the entire game and even led by three runs at the start of the game and two more in the eighth inning. However, closer Giovanny Gallegos could not hold a one-run lead in the ninth and Japan pulled out the bats at the right time in the bottom of the ninth to take the win.

Randy Arozarena’s night

Mexico relied heavily on the glove of Tampa Bay Rays’ Randy Arozarena and the arm of starter Patrick Sandoval, who kept the dangerous Japanese bats at bay for the first four innings of the game.

While Randy stole two home runs in the sixth inning to maintain the 3-0 lead, one of them would have been a grand slam. He also had other important catches in left field and above all, he connected an important double in the eighth that helped Alex Verdugo to bring him to the plate, when Japan had just tied the game at three runs.

In fact, Randy took advantage of the breaks in the game to sign balls and be loved by the Mexican fans, who already consider him an idol.

Mexico took the lead in the third with a powerful three-run homer by Luis Urias off Japan’s promising pitcher Rooki Sasaki and held the lead until the seventh, when Yoshida returned the courtesy to JoJo Romero.

In the eighth, Mexico responded with Verdugo’s double and a single by Isaac Paredes that drove in Jarren Durn, who came in as a pinch runner.

With many difficulties, Mexico managed to get out of the eighth. In fact, Japan started leaving runners on base in the fifth inning.

The Japanese scored with a sacrifice fly by Yamakawa and in the ninth, Shohei Ohtani hit a long double to the Mexican closer to put himself in scoring position. Yoshida took a base on balls and Murakami towed them in with a shot to right, away from Arozarena’s glove.

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