Ex-Prem and EFL forward becomes manager of 14th tier club ‘destined for big things’


Ex-Prem and EFL forward Gary Taylor-Fletcher becomes the manager of 14th tier club AFC Crewe, who is said to be ‘destined for big things’.

Taylor-Fletcher was a long-time player at English league clubs such as Blackpool, Leicester City and Huddersfield Town for almost two decades. He now joins AFC Crewe, which is in the 14th level of English football.

He scored over 100 goals during his playing career and helped Blackpool win the Premier League in 2010.

From last month, he was the head coach at Nantwich Town with Ritchie Sutton.

Nufan, an organization that encourages amateur fans to “reclaim the game they love”, recently took over AFC Crewe.

More than 1,300 members are now a part of the club. Board members can vote on all aspects, including the manager, kits and sponsorship opportunities, and financial decisions.

90 percent of AFC Crewe members voted to get involved in Taylor-Fletcher, with 76% wanting him to be their manager right away.


AFC Crewe are delighted to announced former Premier League star Gary Taylor-Fletcher as our new Manager.

Gary Taylor-Fletcher had a playing career spanning nearly two decades at clubs including Blackpool, Leicester City, and Huddersfield Town. He scored over 100 goals and helped Blackpool win promotion to the Premier League in 2010.

Taylor-Fletcher said: “Really looking forward to the challenge of building something from the ground upwards and delighted to have the backing of the co-chairman and the Nufan board.

“Having experienced management for the last 3/4 years and seeing how the game is going it was a project which I have been looking for to build and leave a lasting mark on a club.

“During my playing career I started off in non league and starting off I had to sometimes take a step back in order to move forwards, with a great relationship with each club’s fan base.

“I want to help AFC Crewe move forward and progress in the right way, which I know is what the Nufan board members want and demand.”

Liam Bond and Gareth Jones, Co-Chairmen of AFC Crewe, said: “This is a monumental day for AFC Crewe.

“To have someone with the stature as Gary managing AFC Crewe speaks volumes about the project we’re building here.

“We’re proud to have Gary on board and we’re incredibly excited about the future of the club as a result.

“We’re extremely grateful for all our board members’ views when it comes to making such a big decision for the future of the club.

“Before this vote, as with every vote, a conversation was held where all board members could voice their opinion, to shape its overall direction.

“We would encourage anyone who is interested in owning part of a football club to sign up to be part of our fantastic journey.”

In August 2022, Nufan completed the takeover of AFC Crewe which is now 100% fan owned.

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