Colorado & Deion Sanders are doing big things!


Deion Sanders is a great coach because he is pretty blunt. He does not care about feelings, he will put out into the world what he wants out there, and when he appeared on the Rich Eisen Show during the Super Bowl, he was asked what he looks for in a quarterback and his first comment was simple, BOTH PARENTS.
Colorado sells out their First Spring Game under Coach Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders has made a huge impact already at Colorado, especially for a program that was 1-11 last year, and a joke in the PAC-12.

Well, Deion is off to a hot start already, they have already sold out their first spring game and it will be nationally televised as well.

The Buffaloes fans will pour into Boulder, with 45,000 fans expected to be in attendance.


Deion Sanders is a beast at recruiting. He has two players right now making over 1 million dollars in NIL deals. His son is one and the other is Travis Hunter.

Just imagine if Deion worked at Florida State or a bigger team.

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