3 biggest NFL Draft busts in Chicago Bears history


Chicago Bears, Cade McNown

Chicago Bears, Cade McNown (Jonathan Daniel/Allsport)

The Chicago Bears have had their fair share of bad draft picks in their illustrious history, but these are the top three

As we get set for the 2023 NFL Draft, the topic is all fans want to talk about, especially for Chicago Bears nation.

The Bears have gone through the bulk of the free agency period and made plenty of moves. General manager Ryan Poles has earned top grades for his signings and big trade over the past month, and Chicago looks to be in a much better position going into the 2023 season than they were a year ago.

As the draft gets closer, fans love looking forward almost as much as they love looking back. This year’s draft weekend is going to be one of the best football events of the year, as always. But, there’s something fun about looking at history.

Sure, we’ll call it “fun,” although by the end of this piece, you might not agree if you’re a Bears fan. For “fun,” let’s take a look back at the three worst draft picks in the history of the Chicago Bears, starting with one heck of a blunder.

Biggest NFL draft busts in Chicago Bears franchise history:

3. Cade McNown, QB

To be fair to the Bears, the 1999 NFL Draft was a doozie in terms of quarterback talent. We saw five quarterbacks go in the first round of that draft, but only two of them really panned out: Donovan McNabb and Daunte Culpepper.

The fifth quarterback taken came at no. 12 when the Bears took UCLA’s Cade McNown. After playing four years with the Bruins, McNown came to the NFL with a lot of experience, which many thought would help his transition to the league.

But, looking back, not many remember just how even his performances in college were as a whole. McNown threw 68 touchdowns to 41 interceptions at the college level, which isn’t a great ratio. Maybe the Bears should’ve known?

As a pro, McNown was a flash in the pan, if you want to be that generous. He lasted all of two years in Chicago. Well, actually, McNown lasted all of two years in the NFL, period. The Bears were the only team he had a chance to be active for any regular season games, and McNown ended his pro career throwing for 3,111 yards, 16 touchdowns and 19 interceptions in 15 starts.

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