Inter Curva Issues Warning and Lists Remaining Goals


The Curva Nord has weighed in on the team’s struggles, urging to react and setting the objectives for Inter to avoid a full-fledged protest. The Ultras issued a statement on their social media pages (via SportMediaset).

“The Coppa Italia, advancing past the Round of Eight, and qualifying for the Champions League are our last resorts. We have always been supportive, we never stopped staying close to the squad for a second even after the most disappointing results, but our patience has a limit too.”

“Those are the goals we believe a team like ours should achieve considering where we are and because we think we can perform at a superior level. We tolerated the seesawing going in a season that where the title wasn’t within our reach due to another side’s merits. Now it’s time to pursue what we still can. Our run must not stop.”

The Curva will continue backing Inter but demand to turn things around.

“We will continue to be at your side, but it should be clear that we have run out of patience. If we come up short, we will consider everybody responsible and treat them the way they deserve. You should have respect for our jersey and our history. Who doesn’t give his 100 percent doesn’t give anything.”

Despite the warning by the Curva, Inter are expected to field multiple backups in the first leg of the Coppa Italia semifinals versus Juventus to be fresher for the ensuing Serie A game against Salernitana.

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