Patrick Mahomes high school highlight reel will set your hair on fire


Patrick Mahomes high school highlight reel is a sight to behold, as the soon-to-be Texas Tech quarterback was just discovering his art form.

Today, we all know who Patrick Mahomes is.

Mahomes is arguably the most talented quarterback we’ve seen to date, and the best of his generation. With Tom Brady’s retirement this offseason — and Mahomes winning his second Lombardi Trophy — the torch has very much been passed. Mahomes is the face of the NFL and football itself, and for good reason. He can make throws we previously never thought possible, extending plays in the process.

It doesn’t particularly matter who plays around Patrick Mahomes, as long as he has decent offensive line in front of him. Opposing defenses have found this out the hard way dating back to Mahomes’ days at Whitehouse High School in Texas.

There’s no Cover 2 that can handle this amount of mobility.

Patrick Mahomes had professional aspirations long ago

Patrick Mahomes high school tape isn’t unlike many future NFL superstars — it’s borderline comical, with everyday Average Joe’s trying to compete with an athletic marvel. It was never going to work, but we appreciate you for trying.

Mahomes was also an elite basketball and baseball talent. He was selected by the Detroit Tigers in the MLB Draft, but declined their invite to pursue his football career. Odds are, he made the right choice.

“With Patrick, it was as simple as ‘here’s a kid who looks like he’s going to play football BUT…let’s be that team that started to build the relationship so that if he wants to play baseball 2-4 years down the road, we’ve got our foot in the door,” scout Tim Grieve said.

Even the Tigers knew Mahomes was likely to play football, but just like Brady before him (who was selected by the Montreal Expos), he had a choice.

It was the right move.

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