Tennis: Venus Williams’ ex-coach makes bold retirement prediction


Rick Macci, former coach of the Williams sisters, has indicated that he expects the American tennis star to retire from the sport and that this year’s US Open will likely be the tournament where she plays her final match.

There has been great speculation about Venus Williams‘ future in tennis since her younger sister, Serena, announced her retirement at last year’s US Open.

The 68-year old coach discussed his “amazing bond” with Venus and spoke about her potential retirement, her injury issues and a possible return to the court for her sister Serena.

On his relationship with Venus, Macci said: “I think it’s difficult for Venus Williams. When I had Venus and Serena, it was more about Venus. Because she was older as you saw in the King Richard movie. Venus was really, really like my daughter and we had an amazing bond,” he said in a recent interview with Tennis Infinity.

“In my opinion and, I don’t have any insight, I think she’ll retire at the US Open. I think that she’ll play doubles with Serena. And I think they’re going to exit the stage left at the US Open,” he added.

Venus’ injury woes

Macci also added that Venus’ recent injuries have meant that she has struggled to continue playing singles.

“I have no insight. I’m just going on my gut. Because I think with injuries and she hurt her hip in the last tournament, it’s hard with the injuries. And I think she knows she’s not going to win the tournament.

“But obviously if she still plays. It’s good for the name. It’s good for the brand. She has a platform. I get all that stuff, but I think she could still play doubles with Serena and, believe it or not, I think they could still win tournaments.”

A doubles comeback for Serena could be on the cards

Macci believes that Venus Williams could succeed at doubles if she is paired with a strong partner which could see her sister Serena return to the court.

“And if she had a good mixed doubles partner, she could do damage, but singles it’s tough. Then if you do win a match, you got to play the next day. So it’s a little, a little tricky. But if she wants to keep playing, that’s totally up to her. But I love VW.”

For now, it remains to be seen which path Venus will opt to pursue, whether she decides to continue to compete in singles, doubles or both and whether she will be joined by her sister Serena or not.

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