Steelers Finalizing Trade for Allen Robinson


NFL Offseason – Pending a physical, the Los Angeles Rams will be trading veteran wide receiver Allen Robinson to the Pittsburgh Steelers. No news yet on the trade details. I would imagine he becomes their slot receiver joining Diontae Johnson and George Pickens on the outside.

Last year was supposed to be the magic season where we finally saw what Robinson could do with a good NFL quarterback. Instead, he struggled with injuries (like the rest of the Rams) and finished the year with just 33 catches for 339 yards and three touchdowns. Robinson was 61st among qualifying wide receivers with 32 DYAR and 73rd with 19 DYAR in Chicago the year before. He hasn’t put up receiving DVOA above 2.0% since 2015, his best year in Jacksonville.

If Matthew Stafford wasn’t the quarterback to finally unlock (re-unlock?) Robinson’s greatness, I doubt Kenny Pickett will be that guy.

Robinson turns 30 in August.

UPDATE: Woo, is Robinson coming cheap. The Rams are trading Robinson and Pick 251 for Pick 234. They are also paying $10.25 million of Robinson’s salary. So the Steelers got him for $5 million and moving down 17 picks.

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