Boxing: Bernard Hopkins tells Ryan Garcia he should work on his defense: ‘You leave yourself exposed’


Bernard Hopkins has talked about what he thinks happened in last Saturday’s fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, in which the latter got knocked out.

Hopkins thinks that Garcia can bounce back from the first loss of his career but needs to work on a couple of small but fundamental details, including taking less shots from his rival while talking with Fight Hype.

“The defense, even though you didn’t ask, based on his rounds of being in the fight, he still has to work on his defense. His defense should be tighter. It might not be that easy, and he might can’t achieve that, and he actually got to live with it,” the former champ expressed.

The defense has to be tighter and he has to at least make the honest attempt to look at it and trust that it’s not in his future to fight with your head up when the action gets to rolling and you leave yourself exposed.

Bernard Hopkins or Ryan Garcia.

Bernard Hopkins has been under the scope for failing to also support Ryan Garcia immediately after his loss to Gervonta Davis, with Garcia not having Oscar de la Hoya or his trainer Joe Goosen joining him as well.

Hopkins said he didn’t want to join the circus that could be created after Gervonta said he allegedly rubbed testosterone cream on his back to taint his drug sample.

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