Calibration Error – 27th Apr to 29th Apr – Chandra Ashtama


Hello my dear friends and followers, There was a calibration error from astrological point of view. As you see in the above image the Moon (Chandra) was transiting in the 8th house of Cancer which is called Chandra Ashtama.


“Chandra Ashtama” is a term used in Vedic astrology, which refers to the period when the Moon transits through the 8th house from the person’s Moon sign (Rashi) in their natal chart.


According to Vedic astrology, the 8th house is a malefic house (known as a Dusthana house), and the transit of the Moon through this house is generally considered to be a challenging period. Cancer is an emotional and sensitive sign, which doesn’t favour rational decisions required in calculations and predictions logically.


And with Mercury retrograde during the same period, it greatly aggravated the situation. In astrology, Mercury is the planet associated with communication, travel, technology, and commerce. During a Mercury retrograde period, it’s commonly believed that these areas of life can experience disruptions, confusion, or delays.


Calibration Error Correction


As you can see from the above image Moon moved out of Karka (Cancer), the 8th house on 29th and entered Simha (Leo), the 9th house.

The 8th house represents, Death and Rebirth, so after a massive failure during the period when Moon was in Cancer, it gets rebirth once it moves to Leo and will be slowly back to its peak.

Since we follow Astrological predictions, we were affected maximum for not considering the daily transit. We apologize for it from the bottom of our hearts. You guys would have faced massive losses and angry on us. We totally understand it but this calibration error is a honest mistake which we have taken into account.

Trust us, we will get all your money back to you that you lost because of us. We promise to work and make our words come true. All we need from you is to believe in us and our prediction methods.


I would like to hear it from you guys in the comment section. I know I’ll get more of harsh words towards me but its good to vent it out. If you can’t vent it out at me then at whom else. Your brother is all ears for you guys.

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