Grizzlies not happy with Dillon Brooks report


Stephen Jackson, who praised Brooks during Memphis’ series against L.A., said the team “demeaned” his character based on their quick and aggressive hook on the 27-year-old. He also feels James’ impact in the league had something to do with the decision. “For me, I think it’s bulls–t,” Jackson said on the “Paper Route” podcast via I AM ATHLETE. “I guess if you offend LeBron, everybody gets mad. I guess when you compete against LeBron, everybody gets mad. Yeah, he got a chip on his shoulder. Yeah, he might say some things. But he ain’t the first player to do that. Ron Artest did it, I did, Draymond [Green] does it. I don’t agree with them coming out and saying that s–t.” -via Ryan Morik @ FOXnews.com / May 4, 2023

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