Nurse discovers she has colon cancer after she can’t stop burping


This is the incredible story of Bailey Marie Mcbreen, a 24-year-old American nurse. Bailey was diagnosed with stage three colon cancer after going to the doctor because she couldn’t stop burping all day, as well as experiencing severe stomach pains and episodes of reflux.

She received the grim news earlier this year. Bailey had been suffering from some strange symptoms for some time. First of all, she was burping a lot throughout the day and couldn’t control it. Then, after that, she was also suffering from reflux and heartburn. So she decided to go to the doctor and after several tests, she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Stage three colon cancer

The diagnosis was the worst of all. The 24-year-old has shared on her networks the various stages of her illness. She underwent two surgeries, having her appendix and 52 lymph nodes removed to try to remove part of the tumour. However, they were unable to remove it completely, as it had spread to her pancreas and spleen.

Bailey is now facing chemotherapy sessions. In addition, the young woman said, in a post shared on her Instagram account, that she plans to freeze her ovaries so that, once the colon cancer has been reduced, she can have children with her partner.

Since the process of freezing her eggs and the treatments she undergoes are very expensive, the young nurse has set up a fundraiser on GoFundMe. “Any amount helps, but the most important thing is prayers as I try to fight this disease. I am so thankful for my family, doctors, friends and fianc because I couldn’t do this without them. I’m going to keep fighting,” she wrote on her social media.

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