Bury AFC reveal result of second vote amid plan to merge and bring Bury FC back to Gigg Lane


Bury AFC reveal the result of the second ‘last chance’ vote amid a plan to merge two fan groups and bring Bury FC back to Gigg Lane.

Last year, supporters were asked to vote on proposals to unite two fan groups, the Shakers Community Society and Bury Football Club Supporters Society (BFCSS), in a bid to get men’s football back at its spiritual home in the town.

Gigg Lane was empty for around three years after Bury FC were thrown out of the Football League and later entered administration in 2019.

Although the majority of Bury FC members – just short of 63% – voted in favour of joining with Bury AFC in October, that was just short of the 66% of fans of both sides required to merge. See more on that HERE.

But five months later, another vote was held and below, you can see the final results…

Bury officially return to the football pyramid in August after supporters groups voted to merge and run the club.

According to reports, the FA will rubber-stamp their place in the North West Counties League Premier Division as Bury FC.


Bury Football Club Supporters Society would like to thank all fans who voted on the future of your club. A fan owned club is nothing without its loyal fans, you are all valued and have a part to play.

Under Section 111 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 this resolution must be passed by not less than two thirds of those members present and voting at the meeting (whether in person or by proxy), and must be confirmed by a further Special Resolution at a second general meeting.

Votes in favour are 952 (90.1%) and votes against the resolution are 105 (9.9%)

During the SGM and the voting process the independant company Mi Voice have ensured compliance, counted, ratified all eligible votes and verified the result.

The outcome of the vote is that the required threshold of 66.6% has been achieved, the resolution has therefore passed.

What we are building today, is for those who will look back, be proud of the work we as volunteers have put into establishing this club as a shining example of a sustainable fan owned football club.

We would ask every person to now look to themselves as to how best you can support Bury Football Club. The future of your club is in your hands, join us, become members and be a part of the future.

Do not walk away, come back to be part of the future of Bury FC, we are the Shakers.


The motion to adopt of the Gigg Lane Stadium as the football club’s home playing venue was approved by 97% of the vote. 1116 were in favour, 34 against and 9 abstentions.

The motion to adopt Bury Football Club as the playing name was approved by 92% of the vote. 1046 were in favour, 95 against and 24 abstentions.

The Resolution that the Society and Bury Football Club Supporters’ Society Limited (Register number 29385R) (“BFCSS”) shall be amalgamated pursuant to section 109 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 was approved by 97% of the vote. 1109 were in favour, 35 against and 15 abstentions.

As the Bury Football Supporters’ Society also approved their motion to amalgamate with a 90% majority we are pleased to confirm that the amalgamation will proceed subject to the Confirmatory Vote which will now begin and the results announced at the next General Meeting at 7pm on 19th May.

This is what fans had to say as Bury AFC reveal the result of the second vote amid a plan to merge and bring Bury FC back to Gigg Lane…

@LiamK1998_: I’m so happy for you Bury fans Gigg Lane is a ground I want to tick off

@LoganBa11380967: I’m glad you are together as one. Hopefully we will get to see you in the football league

@Shakerphil19: Amazing news…. Returning to the best place on the planet

@WestSussexRam: Great news. Good luck for your journey up through the leagues 🤞👍🐑

@ChrisGwyther: Whole family is in a flood of happy tears! #BuryFC

@ben_brumby: 90% YES on the BFCSS side amazing

@EmmHilton1: My days of shopping on a Saturday are officially over 💙⚽️🥂 #BuryFc

Gigg lane’s gone completely mental Jeff
Get iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

@ben_brumby: I’ve waited years for this day 🥲 #BuryFC

@GregWalsh75: Great News!!! Hopefully the right people will take this forward…… I know how I would go about it, Bury is a community expand on that some good systems in place at the old Bury FC it wasn’t all bad! #buryfc #buryafc

@Chrishazzy75: 100% the right decision. Well done Shakers fans. Football back at Gigg!

@ryanjameshughes: About time! Time to move forward and forget about the last 4 years

@CallumChadwick_: Common sense prevails.

@Sheelan28: 🙌🏼 can’t wait to see gigg lane bouncing again

@Groves1892: I love Bury, I love OUR club and I love the fact that there will be future generations falling in love again like we did. Absolutely fucking buzzing! #Buryfc #UTS

@LNobbins: Bury FC is officially BACK! Amazing work was undertaken by phoenix club Bury AFC to get Bury back into the football league, and now the two clubs are merging 💙

@powsney: This is wonderful news for the Town. Well done Shakers! Will definitely be bringing the kids in the next few years.

@shakerite66: Bury FC is back forever . Pass it on. #buryfc. Let’s get started

@Shakers1885: It’s a beautiful day! #buryfc

@mattycoles_99: On our way, we’re on our way, to the football league we’re on our wayyyy 😂💙⚪️ Best news in a long long time. #buryfc #buryafc

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