Boxing: Jake Paul taunts Nate Diaz by using a clapping monkey toy and comparing both


Watching Jake Paul taunting Nate Diaz constantly without any response was definitely surreal to watch. Usually, Nate loves a good old banter and going after his rivals. Those brilliant pre-fight press conferences before fighting Conor McGregor are already the stuff of legend. One would expect that with the level of trolling Jake Paul has, Nate Diaz would at least get fired up for this press conference. In fact, Nate Diaz should have a bone to pick with the ‘Problem Child’ after that comedy skit he made when the whole street brawl happened. But Nate remained mostly calm and he followed the sportsmanship protocol despite Jake Paul’s trolling.

Here’s what Jake Paul said as he held a clapping toy monkey: “I think this is what is going on in Nate’s brain. This is a big fight. This is a fight that I’ve wanted for a long time. [Nate] got out of his UFC contract and this is probably the biggest fight of the year, only topping me versus Tommy. I want to make big events, big fights happen and strike while the iron’s hot. He was a free agent. Let’s run it. Make it happen. Settle the s**t talk. I’m ready for war. I’m excited to be here. Thank you for having me out, Dallas. I love y’all and I’m going to do what Conor McGregor couldn’t do, and I’m gonna knock this man out. Obviously, he’s a legend in the game and I’m excited to be fighting him. Twelve years later, you know, from the couch in Ohio to here in Dallas, Texas.”

The reason Nate Diaz took the insults quietly

You may already know that Nate Diaz got himself into some legal issues after a wild night in New Orleans. He choked out Rodney Petersen, who is considered Logan Paul’s double. As a result, Petersen is pressing charges and he should be getting a fat check from this trial. Nate Diaz found out on Tuesday that Logan Paul was the one who recommended Rodney Petersen his legal team. Nate knows he messed up because laws are quite strict for professional combat sports athletes when they fight civilians. It’s entirely possible that Nate Diaz is restraining himself from getting into more physical altercations while this problem goes away.

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