The unexpected cause of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s ‘argument’ at the premier of ‘The Mother’


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared to have a tense exchange at the premier of the latter’s new film ‘The Mother’ this week on Wednesday night. It came after a series of high-profile incidents between them at public events- fans will remember their disagreements at the Grammys and the premier of Shotgun Wedding back in February.

It appears that the images of Ben which surfaced online of the moment in which he appeared get mad at his wife were actually quite misleading, and don’t tell the full story.

As revealed by a lip reader who spoke to the Daily Mail, the couple were simply discussing how they were going to pose in front of the tens of photographers present at the premier. JLo actually asked Ben if her low-cut top was “showing too much?”.

When it appeared that Ben was getting annoyed at Jen, it turns out that he was actually insisting that her top was fine. During the exchange, the ‘Argo’ director says “don’t worry babe” before telling her to come closer and whispering something in her ear.

After several rounds of photos, a relieved Ben says “that’s us done” before giving his wife a kiss.

As seen in a video published by the singer on her Instagram account of the event, the pair displayed plenty of PDA and shared several passionate kisses on the night.

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