Carmelo Anthony announces his retirement


The Chicago Bulls almost signed NBA legend Carmelo Anthony in 2014. Anthony appeared on ESPN’s First Take in 2019 and revealed that he was close to joining Bulls in 2014 before deciding to return to New York. “I was going to Chicago. Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah. I was there, right? I was there. And then I started getting whispers behind the scenes. ‘Yo, look, this person ain’t gonna be there. It ain’t really right. This and that.’ And it was all of that started to come up in the midst of my decision-making. I wasn’t going to let anything cloud that,” Anthony revealed. “I met with New York (Knicks) last. Like, I think it was the last team I met with because I knew that I was ready to move on from that situation because of what I was dealing with and going through in New York.” -via Sports Illustrated / May 20, 2023

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