Ryan Garcia Vs Adrien Broner Later This Year?


Adrien Broner got the win last night, this over Bill Hutchinson, this in “The Problem’s” first fight working with legendary 91 year old promoter Don King. But, more importantly, as King said himself, Broner made the weight. “A lot of you didn’t think he’d make the weight,” a somewhat frail-looking King said post-fight last night, as filmed by Fight Hype.

Next up could be a fight between Broner and Ryan Garcia. King said the fight “will happen at 140,” pointing out how Broner wanted to fight his comeback fight against Hutchinson at welterweight. King says he is very much interested in making the fight, while Garcia’s promoter (for now) Oscar De La Hoya (who had that twitter spat with Ryan a few days ago, this perhaps putting some serious strain on their working relationship) sent Broner a message on social media, telling the 33 year old to “have Don King call me if you want a mega fight at 140.”

Garcia, who we are waiting to see return to the ring following his body shot KO loss at the hands of Tank Davis, has options – Rolly Romero perhaps his most obvious, and, to put it bluntly, safest next-fight option. But a fight between Garcia and Broner would likely do pretty big numbers, even if Oscar’s description of it being a “140 pound mega fight” might be stretching things a tad.

Broner is still a big name, he can still fight (and make weight, although making 140 again for the first time in years is something else) and AB has never been stopped. Garcia has that massive following and he showed class in defeat with the Tank fight. Garcia can for sure come again, and a win over Broner, a stoppage win especially, would be some big way to come back.

King – who is totally understandably looking his age yet still comes out with some good lines: “Eddie Hearn calls me a dinosaur, but the dinosaurs were here first!” – says he is “bringing glory back to the game” with his working with Broner (another promoter, another stretch). King might not be here too much longer, and Adrien Broner could prove to be his last big-name fighter. Can King work one last slice of magic and guide Broner to another world title fight?

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