What to expect from Patriot Malik Cunningham transitioning to WR


Written by Karver Jordan 

Malik Cunningham will be making the switch to wide receiver for the Patriots. This would not be the first time a QB switched to WR. Cunningham seems to be performing pretty well and catching the eyes of multiple NFL fans. 


Malik Cunningham, Louisville QB 

Age: 24 Years old 

Height and Weight: 6 foot (6’0) 192 pounds 

College Career:

The Louisville QB Malik Cunningham is an athlete. Awesome numbers across the stat sheet. The five Year QB would put up positive numbers all five seasons. Cunningham would attempt 1,104 passes and only complete 691 of them. (691-1,104) An overall completion percentage of 62.6%. 9660 career passing yards with 70 touchdown passes to 28 interceptions. Overall, Good numbers; Could be better however, the Louisville offense is run first always has been. Nice to see Cunningham be able to pass the ball. The running aspect of Cunninghams game is outstanding! The quarterback would run the ball 554 times for 2,771 rushing yards with 47 touchdowns. Five  yards a carry is pretty impressive for a quarterback, absolutely phenomenal. Malik Cunningham broke the 2019 NFL MVP total touchdowns at Louisville, to break Lamar Jackson’s record is mindblowing. The Patriots got a talented and hidden gem in Malik Cunningham. 

USFL Drafted:

Very few people know that Malik Cunningham was drafted to the Birmingham Stallions of the USFL in the third round of the 2023 College Draft. Cunningham wouldn’t speak much on it at all, The QB would shine in the league but he has bigger plans in the NFL. 

The Switch up:

Malik Cunningham is switching it up and turning into a wide receiver. New England has a track record of having players switch positions. Julian Edleman is someone Cunningham looks up to and has the hopes to make a good transition to wide out.

Final Thoughts: 

Personally, I believe Cunningham has what it takes to be a great wide receiver. Good size, Good speed, ETC… He is very raw and will need to be developed into that role. I expect Coach Belichick to mold this kid into something. 

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