Jared Anderson Battles Andriy Rudenko On August 26th


The unfinished product, heavyweight Jared Anderson, will be taking a big step backward with his career by facing veteran Andriy Rudenko next month on August 26th on ESPN.

Top Rank wanted to match Anderson next against Zhan Kossobutskiy next, but watching him getting knocked silly repeatedly by Charles Martin recently has seemingly changed their plans.

Rudenko (35-6, 21 KOs) is 39 years old, and his best years are in the rearview mirror. He has lost to Hughie Fury, Zhilei Zhang, Alexander Povetkin, Agit Kabayel, and Vladyslav Sirenko

There’s little risk for Anderson that he’ll lose to this guy unless he can’t take a punch without being wobbled. Jared has been hurt by journeymen Jerry Forrest and Charles Martin.

This is another older 40-ish fighter Jared Anderson will be facing, and the idea is that he’ll improve through learning from these old vets. If it works, Jared will take over the heavyweight division when Tyson Fury retires.

Mike Coppinger is the one that broke the news of Anderson fighting Rudenko.

The problem with Top Rank feeding Jared so many tomato cans is he could end up like Edgar Berlanga, and not improve at all.

It would be smart for Top Rank not to continue to match Anderson can’t be an older faded fighter for too long because he might not be mentally & physically cut to be a world champion-level fighter.

It’s better that the promotional company find out sooner rather than later if Jared has what it takes to be a world champion fighter. Anderson talking about wanting to retire at 27 isn’t a good sign.

He’s going to be around long enough for Top Rank to get the most out of him, and they don’t want to feed him cans until he’s 26, and then he retires a year later.

It’s a quick turnaround for the 23-year-old Anderson (15-0, 14 KOs), who wants three fights this year. He’s fought twice thus far, beating George Arias and Charles Martin.

That later fight was tough for Anderson, with him getting hurt seemingly each time Martin nailed him cleanly. Anderson’s chin looked fragile, and he appeared to be timid when he was met with resistance.

When Martin would go on the attack, Jared would retreat straight back with his chin in the air. When Martin followed, he would land.

Luckily for Anderson, Martin mostly stood still, wanting to preserve his gas tank, and he would let escape. A younger heavyweight with a killer instinct like Arslanbek Makhmudov would have followed Anderson, trapped him, and bludgeoned him to pieces.

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