Trump Wants Tyson! (to Interview Him)


Reports have been going around that say former US president Donald Trump very much wants to be interviewed by Mike Tyson, this on Tyson’s successful and very often hugely entertaining “Hot Boxin’” podcast. Trump, who aims to win a second term as president, wants to campaign via what has been referred to as a “broader strategic outreach to non-traditional media outlets, specifically those affiliated with male audiences with an interest in contact and combat sports.”

And Trump very much wants to appear on Tyson’s podcast (which, incidentally, hosted fellow 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Junior a couple or so years ago). Politico first reported Trump’s endeavours to appear on Tyson’s podcast, and it will be interesting to see if Tyson, the man whose fights Trump once hosted in his casinos, is as keen as Trump is for this to come off. It would perhaps be a pretty entertaining, at times wild interview if it did happen.

Trump, who sees himself as as much “a cultural figure as a political one,” is, reports say, aiming to appeal to “less politically active voters.” But who if anyone does Tyson endorse when it comes to those people who are in the running for the White House in 2024? Again, it will be interesting to see if Tyson welcomes Trump onto his show. But we’ll all tune in if he does, that’s for sure.

Trump considers himself a major fight fan, and a knowledgeable one at that. And, in appealing to the man on the street who enjoys talking about the big fights and in turn enjoys listening to as huge a political figure as a former (and perhaps future) president talk about the fights, Trump can pull in votes. This much he knows, hence his desire to appear not only on Tyson’s show, but also on shows such as “UFC Unfiltered.”

Trump is certainly going about his campaign in a far different manner to Joe Biden, who rarely answers questions from the media these days, the octogenarian instead happier giving speeches or engaging in quick Q and A sessions with, shall we say, ‘trusted’ media people, media folk who Biden knows can be relied upon to not ask any hard-ball questions.

It’s not like that with Tyson, as his guests on “Hot Boxin’” know. Tyson doesn’t pull his punches and, if he does have Trump on his show, there would likely be no subject or question that is off limits.

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