Boxing: Daniella Hemsley’s boyfriend reveals she always wanted to make an impact after X-rated boxing celebration


Following her now infamous celebration after defeating Ms. Danielka in a boxing event, Daniella Hemsley‘s MMA fighter boyfriend Akonne Wanliss has revealed she always wanted to do something that garners attention.

After the decision was announced at the 3Arena Dublin, Hemsley lifted her top and exposed her breasts to those in the arena and watching at home. She has since apologised and branded the incident a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

“In YouTube boxing, they always do something to go viral and make a statement. That’s the name of the game in YouTube boxing,” Wanliss told talkSPORT.com.

“It was planned beforehand. It was slightly different, we had nipple tassels but somewhere the nipples tassels got lost and her bare nipples were on show and everyone was going wild about that.

“I always say good press is bad press and bad press is good press. You just have to take everything with a pinch of salt and own what you’ve done.

“She means no harm about it, she’s just having a bit of fun out there, being a human being and showing her excitement.

“Some people may hate it, some people may love it. From my side, I always will support her, support that. I’m always like, ‘Get your t**s out! Get your t**s out!'”

Daniella Hemsley's boyfriend reveals she always wanted to make an impact after X-rated boxing celebration

Criticism from Eddie Hearn

Following the incident, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn was critical of Hemsley‘s celebration, and the general influencer boxing scene, which he feels takes away from women in boxing.

Wanliss though, doesn’t feel that Hemsley or other OnlyFans stars are doing any harm.

“You’ve got boxers who are OnlyFans girls that are doing full-on porn on OnlyFans and they are coming out wearing the OnlyFans logo, not even wearing clothes, to a weigh-in,” Wanliss added.

“Essentially, they’ve got their t**s out, it’s just painted.

“They are doing the same thing. And then you’ve got boxers and MMA fighters from other organisations kissing each other, showing their t**s after shows.

“It happens. I’ve even seen Eddie Hearn standing with a title next to an OnlyFans girl. It’s very contradictory.

“If I ever meet Eddie Hearn I’d be like, ‘Bruv, come on. You promote the thing.’

“It doesn’t align with what he’s said before, but I don’t really care.”

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