Can you practice sports after a cardiac arrest? Bronny James’ career could be in danger


While we wait for more information about the severity of Bronny James’ cardiac arrest, we can tell you a little bit about other athletes suffering similar issues and which of them returned to full activity. Although there have always been tragic cases of athletes dying during games or practice due to cardiac events, the reality is that cases have multiplied over the last few years. The Covid-19 virus brought an issue known as acute myocarditis to people of all ages. There have been multiple cases who suffer from this but there is currently no proven correlation between these cases and vaccines. However, there is correlation between these cases and the virus itself.

Can athletes still practice sports after a cardiac arrest?

This will all depend on how the recovery evolves immediately after the cardiac arrest took place. Cases that are considered a success can be Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen, who suffered an event during a match at the Euros. He currently continues his professional career but he is nearing retirement. A contrary case is Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero, who suffered a cardiac arrest during a game for FC Barcelona and the doctor told him he wasn’t adviced to play again. In fact, ‘Kun’ actually has a chip that was implanted near his heart that tells the doctor when another event might occur. The NFL also has Damar Hamlin’s case, who was cleared to return to football even after that dramatic moment during a Buffalo Bills game last season.

Bronny James case will depend on how quickly he recovered from the cardiac arrest he suffered, but it will also depend on the doctors’ orders to start rehabilitation. If they adviced him to wait a little longer, Bronny James’ career could be in jeopardy. If they asked him to immediately start doing low-impact exersises, then Bronny James still has a chance to play in the NBA. We won’t know more details on this until we get an official update from the James family. for now, all we can do is wish Bronny James a speedy recovery and be grateful he was tended quickly during the emergency.

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