David Grusch, former US military official, on existence of UFOs: Non-human biological remains were found


David Grusch, who for years served as a high-ranking officer in the US Air Force intelligence service, has made a surprising statement to the US Congress.

The ex-military man argued that the country has had a secret program for several years, one that captures, recovers and studies Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UPA).

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For the United States, this acronym is even more significant than the popular UFO acronym, since UPAs include all atmospheric or physical phenomena, in addition to unidentified objects.

In 2022, Grusch became an informant to the authorities and revealed the existence of these secret programs.

“I was informed, in the course of my official duties, of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program, to which I was denied access,” he stated.

The United States has evidence of “non-human biologics”

In his shocking appearance before the US Congress, Grosch said that the country undoubtedly has several extraterrestrial objects in its possession due to crash-landings on earth over the years.

When questioned about the pilots operating these objects, Grusch went further in claiming that “non-human biologics” had been found.

The former military official maintained that he could not give more details, since it falls under classified information.

However, in recent months, he had already given more information about the discoveries. In statements to NewsNation, he even revealed that one of the recovered ships was the size of a soccer field.

David Fravor, a former navy pilot and squadron leader, also attended the hearing as a witness, and he recalled how they encountered a strange object off the California coast in 2004.

“I think what we experienced was well beyond the material science and the capabilities that we had at the time, that we have currently or that we’re going to have in the next 10 to 20 years,” he claimed.

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