Inter Going Full Steam Ahead for Two More Signings


Inter have scheduled a meeting with Udinese to seal the deal for Lazar Samardzic, and the talks with West Ham for Scamacca are progressing nicely. It’ll take some more time to conclude the operation with West Ham.

Per Sky, the Nerazzurri and the Friulani will iron out the final details soon. The talent will transfer on a €4M loan with a €16M obligation to buy. The package includes €2M add-ons and Giovanni Fabian, who has been valued at €4M. La Beneamata will maintain a €12M buy-back clause for the future.

If everything goes according to plan, Samardzic will transfer in a matter of days, while Inter will have to up their bid a little to bag Scamacca. They aren’t too far off from coming to terms with West Ham regarding the transfer fee.

The Irons initially asked for €30M on the nail, but they might soften their stance a little. The Nerazzurri could reach such a threshold through add-ons. The compromise could be a €25M fee plus €5M bonuses. There’s plenty of momentum.

Our Take on Inter, Samardzic, and Scamacca

They took a very intriguing pivot away from veterans, whom they signed in spades in previous years, and toward younger but already established players this summer, finally taking a long-term approach rather than always reacting to their departures on the fly. The squad will be less experienced but full of talent.

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