Victor Wembanyama set to start regular season against Luka Doncic and Mavericks


On Victor Wembanyama and does he see a little bit of himself in his game and skill set… McGrady: Uhhhh… No. No, but I would say this about the kid: He has great talent to be his size, but also Bol Bol has similar talent, right? That’s why I said that I’ve seen this before. Bol Bol has a similar skill set to what Victor is, it’s just that he’s not going to get the opportunity that Victor is going to get. However, the hype around this kid is too much for me and I’m not sayin’ it because he doesn’t deserve it but let’s let this kid develop and see what he’s going to be. Y’all talking about the greatest player of all time and this and that like… c’mon man. We gotta chill out with that. We don’t know what this kid is going to be. I do know that he’s going to be well prepared, he’s going to get the best advice that he possibly could get from anybody because he’s surrounded by greatness — Greg Popovich, Tim Duncan, David Robinson and so in that sense he’s going to be prepared for anything that he’s about to endure but, let it play out man. We don’t know how great this kid is going to be. We just don’t know. This is the NBA bro! He is going to be going up against some REAL dogs out here that are looking at that and is going to take offense to that, you know what I’m sayin’? By him coming over from France and you think that he’s going to be the top dog?…. It’s going to be some guys over here on this soil that’s going to challenge that so, let’s let this play out. It’s too much. -via Apple Podcasts / August 10, 2023

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