Outrageous gone viral wonder goal seals win for South Shields against Scarborough


An outrageous gone viral wonder goal by Tom Broadbent seals a 1-0 win for South Shields against Scarborough Athletic on Saturday afternoon.

Boro created the better chances, but ended up on the losing side following a stunning long-range strike midway through the second half.

The deadlock broke on 68 minutes with Broadbent collecting the ball on the halfway line, stepped forward and spotted Whitley off his line before smashing it past him from 45 yards out.

South Shields boss Julio Arca said after the 1-0 National League North win: “Yeah, it was a hard game where the lads worked really hard. I think in them we deserve to win that game. We have spells in the game where we play some good football and then spells on the game where he had to do the other sideways, work hard trying to win balls.

“Overall, I think it was good performance that worked really hard, especially to win second balls, three points, so that’s the most important thing.”

Interviewer: “You talked there about the centER half stepping in, oneof the prime examples, that was in the second half when Tom got the ball about 40 yards from goaland just absolutely smashed it into the net. What did you make of the goal?”

JA: “Yeah, well, it’s one of them goals that don’t think anyone expected, but yes, the idea was center back stepping in and finding passes behind the back line or short passes through the line. Obviously that was a different one, but it’s a great goal.”

Interviewer: “As a manager on the touchline towards the end there when they were pushing for an equalizer. I guess there must have been some nerves in the closing stages.

JA: “Yeah, you always stress. Look, I’m probably as stressed as when I was playing, probably more now. Yeah, if I were to be honest. But yeah, you should try and obviously pass information to the players if they listen or not, you never know. But look, there were some good blocks in there.”

Tom Broadbent said on his goal: “So just before went out for the second half, I said to the Gaffer, because I kept stepping in and stepping in, they were just dropping off us.

“And I see that every time I see the goal. Kick off his line a little bit. I said, I’m just going to have a go. He said, yeah, do it or keep going in. See him off his line. And I had a go and I’ve just caught it. So sweet.

“As soon as it left my foot, I knew it was going in like wobbling and that. So, I mean, I could do it 100 times and it wouldn’t happen again, do you know what I mean? But now to see it fly in, it was a good feeling.”

Interviewer: “It’s good to see. I guess those are the sort of moments that money can’t buy.”

TB: “Yeah. Like I say, I’ve sort of shocked myself when it’s gone in. I thought, yeah, it’s actually in, and then just mobbed by the lads. Yeah. Good moment. Like I said, I’ve had chances to do that couple of seasons where I’ve hit the bar or just missed or something like that. It’s nice to when they actually come off, it’s a good feeling. Yeah.

“Like I said, we had some good chances and it just seemed like it weren’t going to happen today. I feel like it just needed something. It was always going to be a goal like that from me or from anyone else.

“It was always going to be something special to win the game. So just a relief and nice to get the three points.”

Fans reacted on the outrageous gone viral wonder goal which seals a win for South Shields against Scarborough…

@Chr1sAyl0tt: I take my eyes off the pitch for a couple of seconds to read a notification on my phone thinking I won’t miss anything….and this happens. 🤦🏼‍♂️😩

@scotti1973: Goalkeepers beware Sir Tom will have his sights on you 😋⚽🚀What a screamer,the wind off that must have knocked the keeper over 😂 Think that must be when my bucket hat blew away 😱 #HawayTheMariners

@AshleyKeville: Seen you do a few of these @broadbent_tom back in the day! 🤪 Unreal lad!

@Jack_fgr: There’s something about that goal and halfway line goals🤣

@RyanMoseleynufc: What a goal man

@KScreaton: Absolutely ridiculous this 😂 what a strike man!

@AndyG1508: Goal of the season, pick that oot!!

@Kevsol: What a thunderbastard.

@nathbaxtttt: That’s fucking ridiculous how does it stay hit that far out 😂😂😂😂

@Bazro136: Haha that’s absolutely fu**ing ridiculous, proper Laurent Robert esque

@JamieGrand84: Great strike 👏

@g8eccleston: What a strike that is

@ShieldsMPSAFC: Wow and wow again!

@AmyHolmesMedia: “He’s got a left foot like a traction engine….!”

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